Knitterly Comfort

All of us at times need comforting. For me yarn and knitting needles provide a lot of comfort during hard times. Possibly, it is the act of creation that is comforting in itself. And during some really dark times, when I can’t bring myself to knit, just touching yarn is a consolation, a healing tea … Read more

I am hooked!

I blew my knitting rota yesterday. No knitting at all. Well… about half a row on my Son’s vest. Yes, I have finally decided that it will be a vest. And a couple of rows on my new and improved “Joyful!” shawl. All in all, really nothing for me. Besides abandoning my knitting, I have … Read more

More Hospital Knitting

Yesterday my DS 2 had a “hospital for a day” appointment in the children’s hospital. Unlike a regular hospital stay, we were not given a bed in a room. Instead, we spent about 5 hours sitting on uncomfortable plastic chairs waiting to go to the next stop on our “to be seen by” list. Travel … Read more

Knit Night

Well, possibly it was early morning. I always found it hard to classify 3 A.M. Finally, I decided – if I had gone to sleep and woken up, then 3 A.M. is early morning. On the other hand, if I am still up from the night before, then 3 A.M. is a late night. OK, … Read more

Give me color!

Something inside me demanding color, color and more color. This need for color is almost physical. And for me, of course, this translates into yarn. And this means new projects. Yep, startitis strikes again. Though, I am still trying to keep it small. This doesn’t mean that my projects are small, but rather that I … Read more

Imperfect Knitter