“Stripes and Ridges” blanket

I have made very nice progress on my “Stripes and Ridges” blanket. I am through the first two thirds of the first yarn cake. Stitches literally fly! Well, why not? I like the yarn, love the stitch pattern and with heavy worsted weight I can see my progress clearly. All this adds up to plenty … Read more

Clear the bed – master list

As promised, I am making an inventory of everything that has been living on my bed. I suspect that this will be fun in a slightly embarrassing way. In the beginning I thought that I would divide all my treasures into Summer and Winter categories, with some categories following. I changed my mind after I … Read more

Operation “Clear the bed”

As tension and frustration mount, I need something positive to help me deal with a totally unpredictable situation. I decided that I need a new major goal. It has to be something that would allow me to see the result of my efforts as soon as possible. And it has to be something that involves … Read more

Un-Solitary Confinment

I heard that in quarantine a lot of people are experiencing loneliness, they feel cut off and long for company. I am very happy to tell you being lonely has not been an issue so far. You would think that being locked up with a bunch of my kids would be very conducive to lots … Read more

Quarantine Adventures

A warning to all! This is not a knitting post. Or should I say this is a barely knitting post. I wrote this post last night, but I fell asleep before I was able to publish it. I was able to keep my word and stuck to the “School” sweater faithfully. To make sure that … Read more

Imperfect Knitter