Fuzzy Repairs

I love knitting and wearing shawls. Huge and not very elaborate. And I like them warm. Very, very warm. I give away most of the shawls I make to the special people in my life. But some stay with me. I held onto “Big Green” because I always loved her look – like a fuzzy … Read more

ChiaoGoo Twist – new interchangeable needles

I have been a very happy and loyal customer of Knit Picks, and their interchangeable needles have been my long time favorite. I bought my first set about fourteen years ago. At that point they only had nickel plated needle tips. I loved them and purchases at least three more different sets. I gave my … Read more

Snatch and Grab Knitting

Pesach vacations should be over, but… I wonder how many other people are experiencing this cognitive dissonance. After weeks of cleaning and a week of intense celebrating my kids should have gone off to school on Sunday. Instead… Instead we are gearing up for more weeks at home. Therefore my knitting ambitions have been curtailed … Read more

Imperfect Knitter