Sweaters on my mind

I finally figured out why I am have been on this crazy shawl-knitting spree. First of all, I gave away or lost most of the shawls I accumulated through my knitting years. One shawl became a blanket for my seven year old daughter, who cuddled it when I kept disappearing last year. Another shawl, one … Read more

Lavender Love

This shawl is so lovely! Soft and light like a fuzzy warm cloud. I used gorgeous yarn – Heather/Dyed Prime Alpaca from Village Spinning and Weaving. It was a pleasure to work with it. I only had one skein of this yarn and was concerned that the shawl came out on the smaller side. But … Read more

Night Sky Shawl

What a beauty! I am so happy with my Night Sky shawl! I knit this shawl using Addi Lace size 3US needles. Yarn – Knit Pick, Stroll Glimmer. I love this yarn! I wish I bought a lot more yarn than the measly six skeins! Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Knit Picks has only one … Read more

Shawl We Knit

I freely admit that shawls are my most favorite projects. When I inventoried projects living currently on my bed (see Operation “Clear the bed” and Clear the bed – master list), I found out that I had 11 various shawls living on my bed. Right before Pesach I ruthlessly (Ha!) went through the projects on … Read more

Knitting in the wild

Well, kind of… At least I feel like it. Wednesday for the first time in two months I went shopping. My second outing in nine weeks if I would count the half an hour DH and I spent in front of our building taking pictures. Re-entering the society felt very, very strange. So many things … Read more

Imperfect Knitter