Warmed by “Fires in the night”

I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened Instagram that day. I saw it and I fell in love. The colors were perfect, from orange of the flame to the charcoal black of the dying embers. It was gorgeous! DK weight! My favorite! Did I mention gorgeous? And totally, totally out … Read more

Weekly review

When I looked back on what I have written this week I realized that one thing I didn’t write about is my own knitting progress on my multiple WIPs. WIP is a work in progress. And there wasn’t much progress to speak of or to write of last week. Oh, there was lots of knitting … Read more

I am a knitter, hear me click!

Funny, but when I look back, I realize, that I have not been knitting for that long. Most of my life I lived yarnless. I only began to crochet in earnest about twenty years ago. At some point I really wanted to knit socks, but knitting seemed to be totally out of reach for me. … Read more

Promises, promises…

A few weeks after Corona Pandemic started in earnest I made a silent promise to myself – no more new yarn. After all, even now I have more than I will be able to knit up in the next twenty years. But with who knows which week of quarantine behind me, and a feeling of … Read more

Knitting in the wild

Or my knitting in public during the Corona. I dared to venture out into the wild today. With my mask (surgical) and my gloves (disposable) and two knitting projects in my bag, I made a brave attempt to penetrate our local office of the Ministry of Education. I needed a formal permission letter that would … Read more

Imperfect Knitter