Next Summer Tunic?

The last few weeks have seen so many new starts that by now I have simply lost count since some of the projects were started and re-started quite a few times. Besides many, many Cast Ons, I have been collecting different stitch patterns off the Internet. Last night I finally picked the winners, about thirty … Read more

Knitting for my Mom

I think I have finally got my Cast On compulsion under control. At least for now. No new projects started in the last two days. I am gradually going through the ones I started in the last two weeks. So far, each one is a keeper. I like them all. Just wonder how long it … Read more

The Glow goes on

I am enjoying my WIP abundance! The volcanic eruption of starts is tapering off. There are four more things that I might Cast On for, but that is the absolute limit! And I might hold off. Meanwhile, I am very far from feeling overwhelmed by all the started projects. Instead, they seem to be energizing … Read more

Are you suffering from AFYP Syndrome?

I used to wonder why properly finishing my knitting or crochet project is so much harder than starting a new one. Well, I wonder no more! Instead, I blame it on the AFYP Syndrome! Much easier. What? You never heard of AFYP?! For my readers who have no idea what this acronym stands for, and … Read more

Imperfect Knitter