Knitting with my feet up

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Thank G-d, all is well here. But I have been busy and exhausted. I kept writing posts in my head, but had no time to sit down in front of the computer and actually write. Because I have been careful with my twisted foot, I … Read more

Sock attack

It has been a very long time since I knit “real” socks. At least for me over two years is a very long time without knitting my own socks. Well, I am now enjoying knitting two pairs of socks at the same time. Because my legs are very swollen, long calf socks I used love … Read more

Wounded in action

My Mom often told me – be careful what you wish for… I have been complaining not having enough time for creative knitting. Well, I will be the first one to agree, G-d has an interesting sense of humor. I got my time now! Am I loving it? Not at all! Two days ago, someone … Read more

Green light knits

In the middle of frustration with my not so simple Simplicity sweater (I really need a different name for this project) there are two projects that are my “Green Light Projects”. They are developing easily and bringing me much joy. Next Summer Tunic Next Summer Tunic is just moving along. Slowly, after all, size US … Read more

Rip and re-knit

Who knew? My Simplicity sweater turned out to be not so simple! It started out as a cardigan with build in button band. After I was past the short rows I changed my mind and tried to fix the situation. I thought that I could knit together both button bands. As you can see it … Read more

Imperfect Knitter