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Now, where do I start? Plague news first, to get them out of the way. I will divide this post, so if you are not interested in our local outbreak, then proceed straight to knitting news. Plague News DS 3 was finally tested on Sunday for the plague. Next day, on Monday, which was simultaneously … Read more

More sockblockers and some round about

Do you remember me telling you, in one of my previous posts, that two craftspeople were willing to try and make special, custom made sockblockers for my swollen legs and feet. I have already told you about wonderful wooden sockblockers made for me in Poland by Anna and her husband. The other couple, willing to … Read more

Knitting, Fish and more…

I have been knitting quite a bit lately, after all, knitting is a perfect remedy for stress, and life is pretty stressful at this point. The number of sick is rising rapidly. There are people who are trying to be very careful and there are those who refuse to “be inconvenienced”. Planning anything is pointless, … Read more

Happy New Year!

As one Jewish year is about to end and another to begin I would like to wish all of us success in things that I think, matter most. To me these are joy from our children, health and economic stability. May we have a good, sweet and easy year. A Year of love and understanding. … Read more

Socks and blocks

I have already written before that I decided to knit socks for myself again. Well, I am still happily knitting them. Same two pairs of footies. They should have been finished long time ago, after all there is not much sock in the footie. But things did not go smoothly for my socks. My legs … Read more

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