Smoke and Mirrors

About three years ago I was obsessed with knitting huge cape-like “things”. I knit three for my daughters and DIL. Interestingly enough, I didn’t manage to photograph any of them. And, since I was in the middle of the craze, I started two of them for myself and never progressed below the shoulders. One of … Read more

Just call me “Bag Lady”

It is true confession time… I love bags. All kinds. Big, small and middling. I can spend hours, transfixed in a shop full of bags, purses and rucksacks. Where does this bag-lust come from? Who knows? Possibly I am compensating for the absence of passion for shoe shopping. But while I stare with longing at … Read more

Simplicity wasn’t so simple

The weather has definitely turned cold and rainy here, in Israel. Well, I have no right to complain, after all we had an unusually long Summer this year. I am very happy that I have a brand new very warm “Simplicity” sweater to wear tomorrow when I will go out. Yarn and needles Defying its … Read more

Tales out of “School”

It is finally done! Finished! Over with… and so on. And now, that the last tail has been woven in both I and DD 2 actually like the new “School” sweater a lot! “School” Story The whole thing started about a year ago. DD 2 needed a sweater to go with her school uniform. What … Read more

Crossing the Finish Line

It truly feels as if the month of October run by in a blur and here I am now sitting in November, shaking my head and wondering what happened… I have been swept away by the Jewish Holidays that come in mass at this time of the year. By coping with issues arising from having … Read more

Imperfect Knitter