Wrapped in comfort

I will admit right away that I borrowed the title for this post from a book by Alison Hide, “Wrapped in comfort”. The book is wonderful, yes, of course I have it, and yes, it is well worth having. Wrapped in comfort is exactly how I feel about my shawls. It doesn’t matter if I … Read more

Hospital Knitting

First of all, friends, do not worry. I am happily back home and knitting. And yes, it is wonderful to be back. Unfortunately I spent most of last week in the hospital with one of my children, who was hospitalized to rule out things too horrible to contemplate. Good news is, that these were very … Read more

Our Zoo has moved!

Yes, yes, yes! You heard it right! We finally made the move from large and dilapidated apartment in Migdal HaEmek to a beautiful, brand new but smaller apartment in Harish. We are still in the North of Israel, but closer to the center of the country. Harish is one of the youngest towns in Israel … Read more

Imperfect Knitter