Give me color!

Something inside me demanding color, color and more color. This need for color is almost physical. And for me, of course, this translates into yarn. And this means new projects. Yep, startitis strikes again. Though, I am still trying to keep it small. This doesn’t mean that my projects are small, but rather that I have still space on my bed for more project bags, but I am not pulling them out of my knitting closet. Yet.

Possibly my color craving is a reaction to all the gray, that is right now my obligatory knitting. A goal is 50 gram of yarn a day. But even though I like the yarn, gray feels dreary and I have to make an effort to do my rota. So what am I knitting now to balance the gray in a “Bear Hug“?

I have made a nice progress on Fun Foliage Wrap and now on the second skein out of four. This will be my personal present to myself.

I have also started working on two shawls in parallel. I hope that if all will go well there will be a new pattern to publish at some point. First one is being knit in my favorite YarnArt Flowers yarn, colorway 255. It is a cotton/acrylic fingering weight blend and will be a light Summer shawl when it grows up.

In contrast, I am knitting the second shawl from specially plied yarn, created by my friend Toma just for me. It is a complicated blend of wool, angora, silk and PA that has amazing texture. I have 310 gram of this treasure and while it is not bright and colorful it is also not dreary gray. If anything it reminds me of the sky here, in Harish, right before a really intense rain.

I love the little silk accents in the yarn.

I have also pulled out two projects that were hibernating for a while. It is my Jubilation sweater and Next Summer Tunic. I try to knit at least a couple of rounds a day on them each day. I am very close to separating for the sleeves on both of these. And will post a photo as soon as I will get there.

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  1. Henya, it all looks/sounds luscious. I’m curious though. What is ‘PA’? You mention in the yarn blend of wool, angora & silk.

    BTW, I’m not a lover of gray either. I find it depressing.

    • Thank you Gloria, as far as I can tell PA is a specially processed acrylic. I see it in Italian coned yarn as a small percentage, usually 10%. It definitely does not feel like regular plastiky acrylic.

  2. What size needle are you using with the YarnArt Flowers yarn? I found myself using a Size 0. I am a very loose knitter. I frogged what I was working on because I found another pattern that I like better for this yarn.

    Those white buildings look so good against the dark sky!

    On the way back from Pardes Chana last week, where my two daughters live, we passed by Harish and I thought of you!

  3. Beautiful work as usual! I love the bright yarn. And I finished my first cowl with my triangle loom. I am actually calling it a bandana because of the shape. When I was growing up….we had triangle head scarves with ties that we called babushkas. But this weaving is much larger and heavier than those. I still have a babushka that my Mama made for me.


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