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All of us at times need comforting. For me yarn and knitting needles provide a lot of comfort during hard times. Possibly, it is the act of creation that is comforting in itself. And during some really dark times, when I can’t bring myself to knit, just touching yarn is a consolation, a healing tea for the soul (I admit, I am not very fond of chicken soup).

Last week I was feeling very low. My DS 2 was in pain and there was nothing I could do for him. He was in his dorm in yeshivah, not exactly far but nonetheless not home. But, even if he would be home, I would still be helpless. During the episodes of severe pain, he can’t bear to be touched, or hear someone talking. All I can do is to push for more medical tests. And I do that, though the process is often frustrating and sometimes downright ridiculous. I truly needed comforting.

Thank G-d for friends. I have been talking to Elena a lot in the last two months. I found her on-line yarn store through her Instagram. When I got in touch with her a few weeks ago she mentioned that her schedule was very tight, because she spends most of her time at this point in the hospital, with her son, who is recovering after a very difficult surgery. Since then, she has helped me tremendously. Elena is the one person, with whom I can discuss the frustration and sometimes pure idiocy of our medical system. And we can talk about yarn too!

We have been dreaming of the time when we have more time. I hope that one day I will design a shawl specifically for her yarn. Elena sells bobbins of pure heaven. Cashmere and merino, yak, angora and silk. Made in Italy, gorgeous and surprisingly affordable. And my favorite (right now) ChaoGoo needles.

I ordered some short needles and come cables from her. I needed more needles in my favorite sizes. And more and longer cables. She imported them for me from China. It took quite a while because, once again, our airports were shut down. Then I got a phone call from Elena – they came! They are have been released by customs. I really needed to hear the good news. We arranged for the delivery service, and since it was close to the end of the week, we agreed that my package would be delivered Sunday or Monday. The day after our conversation I got a call. Her husband was downstairs. With my package. I can’t tell you how happy I was. I actually cried. And that was before I opened my package.

Not only did I get my needles, but Elena has also included a set of regular length needles and, most amazingly, a cake of gorgeous yarn. More than 700 grams of pure merino goodness! Actually, enough to make a super thin and super warm vest for DH. A beautiful woolly comfort, delivered right to my home.

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  1. I can equate with you. My #1 son developed a bleeding disorder as a toddler. He was subjected to a battery of tests as well to rule out leukemia. Thankfully, it wasn’t and he’s a grown man of 55. It was the agony of not knowing, watching him like a hawk as he couldn’t fall for fear of more bleeding internally, and just the thought of losing him was unbearable. I can’t say that knitting saved me as it was many moons ago, but I do remember knitting away on some awful acrylic just to have something to do with my hands. Hopefully, these tests will provide an answer soon.

  2. G-D always seems to send us a message of comfort when we need it most. What a treasured friendship you have with Elena. I will keep you in my prayers. Knitting for me is also comforting and when I am unable to knit, I read knitting magazines or look at U tube videos about knitting! Like you, just touching yarn makes me happy. Sending hugs.

  3. Glad to have found you again! I was laid off from my previous job in 2010 and after 2 years found another permanent job, but didn’t have time to read blogs & such like my previous job had allowed. Now I have switched positions, have permission from my supervisor to take my knitting with me to work for slow times and I can read once again during those slow times. I read off the posts I had missed on your other blog and then came to this one.

  4. Wow! Welcome back! I am so glad you found me again! Glad you have this spare time now for doing something you like.


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